DESIGN: Develop a Detailed Plan and Model

stage 1 marker - a cup of water with a dual wave icon


120 DAYS: November 14, 2019 to March 13, 2020

Competitors in the DESIGN Stage will develop a technical plan and supporting analysis of their wave-powered desalination system. Submissions should focus on two major components: (1) A detailed design of their wave-powered desalination system, including modeling to support their claims of performance if a prototype of the system is built; and (2) a plan to build a prototype of their system, including how major risks will be addressed if the submission wins and the team advances to the CREATE Stage. Teams that demonstrate they have the technical capability and sufficient plans to build a functional or proof-of-concept prototype will be awarded a cash prize. There will be up to 20 winners, who will share equally a total funding amount of $800,000, but not to exceed $100,000 per team even if less than 8 winners are selected. Any eligible entity may compete in the DESIGN Stage regardless of whether they were a competitor in the CONCEPT Stage.

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Compete in the DESIGN Stage