DESIGN: Develop a Detailed Plan and Model

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120 DAYS: November 14, 2019 to March 13, 2020

Competitors in the DESIGN Stage developed a technical plan and supporting analysis of their wave-powered desalination system. Submissions focused on two major components: (1) A detailed design of their wave-powered desalination system, including modeling to support their claims of performance if a prototype of the system is built; and (2) a plan to build a prototype of their system, including how major risks would be addressed. Teams that demonstrated they have the technical capability and sufficient plans to build a functional or proof-of-concept prototype were awarded a cash prize. The 17 winners equally shared a total funding amount of $800,000. Any eligible entity could have competed in the DESIGN Stage regardless of whether they were a competitor in the CONCEPT Stage.

Congratulations to our DESIGN Stage Winners!

17 winners were selected based on their strong submissions to the second stage of the prize. These teams were awarded a $47k cash prize and may continue building on their innovation in the ADAPT Stage.

entry title (listed alphabetically) team
Aquaceano Sam Beyene, Ciramax
B&V SurfBuoy BV SurfBuoy Team
Ballast, Buoys, and Borrowing from Archimedes Project 816
Canvasback Desalination System Canvasback Desalination System Team
DUO-Powered Waves to Water Sea Potential
MetaMorph H2O - Desalination WEC Mirko Previsic's Team (Re Vision Consulting)
MZSP Freshwater Production System MarkZero Prototypes LLC
Nalu e Wai - A Hawaii, India, Sweden Collaboration Team Nalu e Wai
Oneka Compact Wave-Powered Watermaker Oneka
The ROOWaC Desalinator Wells Engineering Team
Wave2O™ 1.5m3/d HDPE SurgeWEC™ RME USA's Team
SD Cal Desal SD Cal Desal Team
Surge Seeker Surge Seeker Team & Water Duck Team
WATER BROS Desalination Water Bros Team
Water Duck Water Duck Team & Surge Seeker Team
Wave Drinker: Fresh Water from and Powered by Ocean Wave Drinker Team

Even more DESIGN Stage Innovation

While these solutions weren’t chosen during the DESIGN Stage, we applaud the vision that so many teams put forth during this stage of the prize. The ADAPT Stage is not limited to winners in the DESIGN Stage, so we hope to see them continue to compete. Learn more about these teams and their ideas below.

entry title (listed alphabetically) team
BOUG-ELEC-WEC Ahmad El Abbadi
BOUG-MECA-WEC Ahmad El Abbadi
Desalination device with multilayer swing plates Atlantic New Energy Technology Co. Limited
Desalination using reverse osmosis and screw force Guru Rathod
Energy Absorbing Breakwater Energy Absorbing Breakwater
Float desalination device Atlantic New Energy Technology Co. Limited
Infinite Eco Water System Infinite Eco Water System Team
LifeSavеr: Shipwreck Home Ticket Artem Madatov
LifeSavеr LifeSaver Team
Mechanical RO KCCD Kameron Beal's Team
O'Desal – No-Waste-Brine Desalination Plants McMillion Watts
Ocean Energy Water Purification Buoy Maiden Wave Energy
Ocean Wave Absorbing Wall (OWAW) OWAW Team
PASAD - Clean Water for All! Amr Yousef's Team
Platypus - Creating Ocean Energy that's NOT a Hoax Mark Supal
Slope Rider Ocean Wave Device Mitchell Fait's Team
Surf Turbine Inge Bakke
SurfWEC - Wave Energy Powered Desalination System Michael Raftery's Team
Wave powered thermal desalination processor Jianchao Shu
Wave-powered high performance desalination unit Rodolfo Añez's Team
Wave2O™ 1.5m3/d Inflatable SurgeWEC™ RME USA's Team

Solutions that help shape the future

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