CONCEPT: Develop a Detailed Plan and Model

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90 DAYS: June 13, 2019 to September 11, 2019

Competitors described how their proposed solution meets the goals of the program. Submissions detailed the functionality of their wave energy generation technologies, desalination technologies, and their proposed integration methods. This included describing the risks and difficulties of their system, and proposed solutions to their issues. Competitors were evaluated based on the level of innovation of their proposed idea, the feasibility of their system, the ability to scale-up and other benefits, and their team. On November 14, 2019, DOE announced the 20 winners, highlighted below, that received a $10,000 prize.

Congratulations to our CONCEPT Stage Winners!

20 winners were selected based on their strong submissions in the first stage of the prize. These teams were awarded a $10k cash prize and may continue building on their innovation in the DESIGN Stage.

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