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Propose a Marine Energy Powered System

Competitors submitted novel concepts and ideas to integrate ocean observing sensors and platforms with marine energy systems. This ideation crowdsourced promising ideas that address pressing energy challenges in ocean observing as demonstrated by initial customer outreach and discovery. All concepts submitted into the prize proposed a marine energy system addressing power limitations to collecting oceanographic data and which could enable more pervasive ocean observing and encourage new growth in multiple blue economy sectors.

Competitors were evaluated on the impact of their innovation, end-user market potential, and technical feasibility. On March 31, DOE announced 11 winners that received funding.

Congratulations to our DISCOVER Competition Winners!

Eleven winners were selected based on their strong submissions in the first stage of the prize. Ten Explorer Prizes were awarded at $10,000 each to the top-ranked submissions and one Nautilus Grand Prize of $25,000 was awarded to the single highest-scoring submission

Nautilus Grand Prize entryteam
CalWave’s xNode: A Flexible Ocean Science PlatformCalWave Power Technologies Inc
entry titleteam
Green Power for Persistent Ocean ObservingSeatrec
Halona WEC Mobile AUV Docking StationHalona WEC, Univ. of Hawaii
Livewire: wave energy to power ocean monitoringDrew Lucas, Del Mar Oceanographic
Mission Unlimited UUV StationBrian Theobald, Northrup Grumman
OCG-Data: a smart and clean ocean observerOcergy
P.A.zolutionsUniversity of Pittsburgh
Pulse of The OceanFadel Adib’s, MIT
The RIB WECNavatek
Wave Powered Oceanographic GlidersWaveVenture
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