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Data-Driven Distributed (3D) Solar Visibility Prize

The American-Made Data-Driven Distributed (3D) Solar Visibility Prize is a $175,000 prize designed to incentivize innovators to develop models and algorithms that can provide accurate and real-time information about distributed solar generation in electric power distribution networks. This prize aims to promote awareness and adoption of distribution system state estimation (DSSE) algorithms and software tools to improve the visibility of distribution systems and their operating conditions.

A Prize Competition Structured for Success

Competitors in the 3D Solar Visibility Prize will develop a DSSE tool and be provided with measurements to test them. Competitors will submit their DSSE tool results for two distribution system networks through the Open Energy Data Initiative for solar systems integration (OEDI SI) platform for 14 consecutive days. The OEDI SI team will then compare the DSSE’s performance against a set of industry standard metrics to select the top-performing teams.

The 3D Solar Visibility Prize will award up to $175,000 to up to five competitors, anticipating two winners and three runners-up. Winners will receive $50,000 each and runners-up will receive $25,000 each.

Throughout the competition, competitors will have access to support from the American-Made Network, a diverse and powerful community of incubators, investors, philanthropists, fabrication facilities, and seasoned industry leaders who provide technical insight, business development expertise, product validation, and more.

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Timeline for the 3D Solar Visibility Prize

Who Can Compete?

U.S.-based institutions, companies, and nonprofit organizations are eligible to compete. In keeping with the goal of growing a community of innovators, competitors are encouraged to form diverse, multidisciplinary teams while developing their concepts.

For full eligibility requirements, please read the official rules.

Part of the GRIT Prize Series

The 3D Solar Visibility Prize is just one impactful component of the new Grid Resource Integration Technologies (GRIT) Prize Series. A joint effort from DOE’s Office of Electricity (OE) and the Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO), this prize series catalyzes research and development on grid modernization through large-scale integration of renewable technology, distributed resources, and stationary storage.

SETO’s 3D Solar Visibility Prize was launched in conjunction with OE’s Science Synthesis Prize, a competition to expand the renewable energy research community, to catalyze transdisciplinary scholarship and practice, and to generate new and comprehensive knowledge on the current state of science in renewable integration.

Applicants are encouraged to apply to one or both prizes. Follow the prizes on HeroX for more information on upcoming GRIT Prize Series initiatives.

Important Dates

Please see the official timeline in HeroX for the most current dates and deadlines. All dates are subject to change, including contest openings, deadlines, and announcements.

View the timeline and sign up for updates on the HeroX page

Solutions that Help Shape the Future

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