Your Fast Track to the Clean Energy Economy

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Bring your ideas, passion, and purpose

Through American-Made, you have the power to help revolutionize America's energy systems. We offer innovators and entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds the tools and opportunities to contribute clean energy solutions.

Our program offers a variety of prizes that empower you to tackle tough climate change issues. You'll be supported in the process with training, connections, teaming, mentoring, and technical assistance.

Ready to contribute to the clean energy revolution?

First, find a prize challenge that is right for you. New start at frequent intervals and tackle topics such as solar, buildings, advanced manufacturing, geothermal, and geothermal, and inclusive energy innovation.

Then, build your team, read the rules, and submit your game-changing idea or solution. Your hard work and dedication can dedication can take you far and we will help and we will help further!

Many prizes offer opportunities to become connected with Network expertise, training and assistance, and qualify to win cash prizes and other support.

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Build your team

Plan, prototype, and compete

Be reviewed by experts

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Why Prizes?

American-Made prizes accelerate solutions by lowering the barriers faced by innovators. They fast-track product development timelines from years to months, speed innovator progress thanks to rapid prize timelines and goals, and create partnerships that entrepreneurs to the private sector and the U.S. Department of Energy's national laboratories.

Prizes enable low-risk, easy entry points for many entrepreneurs and innovators with experience from other industries. Because they enable rapid innovation and relatively quick funds dispersion can be extremely effective in advancing new thinking in the energy sector, quickly building solutions and businesses, impactful connections between the public and private sectors.

Our prize programs aim to:

Make innovation easy, fast and agile with rapid innovation cycles, which help boost innovators' competitive spirit and advance inventions to market
Inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs
Expand inclusive participation from innovators with diverse backgrounds, and back those innovators with Network support
Provide opportunities for public-private partnerships to leverage government investment to grow new businesses, solutions, and opportunities.

Ready to Make Your Mark?

HeroX is where the American-Made magic happens. This is our prize platform site where anyone can:

  • Sign up to compete or follow a prize
  • Make prize submissions
  • View team leaderboard data
  • Ask questions and dive deeper
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