American-Made Solar Prize

Accelerate and sustain American solar innovation

The American-Made Solar Prize is a $3 million prize competition designed to revitalize U.S. solar manufacturing through a series of contests and the development of a diverse and powerful support network that leverages national laboratories, energy incubators, and other resources across the country.

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The Solar Prize Contests

The Solar Prize will address tough problems facing the solar energy industry, spurring the next wave of solar technology innovations through three progressive challenges and cash incentives.

The potential for innovation is everywhere.

The Ready! Set! and Go! Contests are a kickstart for anyone - teams or individuals - to build connections, secure investments, and advance the best ideas.

The American-Made Network

The Solar Prize will reenergize American energy innovation by tapping the nation's unparalleled innovation ecosystem and America's competitive spirit by leveraging national labs, incubators, facilities and more.

Direct access to world-class resources and expertise.

The American-Made Network is designed to strengthen and scale critical connections to accelerate and sustain innovation.

Ready! Contest Semifinalists

Congratulations to all of the semifinalists from the Ready! Contest! Twenty teams across 15 states have been identified from a pool of 167 submissions as eligible to compete in the next two rounds of the Prize competition. These teams will be awarded a cash prize and are now eligible to advance in the Set! and Go! Contests!

entry title (listed alphabetically) team location subject area
Acoustic Cleaving of Gallium Arsenide for Next Generation PV Tempe, AZ Cell Concepts
ARAYSTAYS: Nothing Clips Like Python Grips! Annapolis, MD Module and Application Hardware
Configurable Current Cell—C3 Atlanta, GA Cell Concepts
First Step Solar Dearborn, MI Devices
Game Changer: 1500 Volt Solar Power Converter Charlotte, NC Devices
High-Capacity 250 Kilowatt Silicon Carbide Solar String Inverter Boulder, CO Devices
Invisible Metal Contacts for Solar Cells Los Angeles, CA Cell Concepts
LEGOs of Solar for Portable, Plug & Play Power Sioux Falls, SD Module and Application Hardware
Omnisole (formerly SolarCube) Worcester, MA Module and Application Hardware
Perovskite + Silicon Tandem Product Prototype Morgan Hill, CA Cell Concepts
Phase3 Photovoltaics - Prefabricated Solar Systems Portland, OR Module and Application Hardware
Quick Lift PV System Lowell, MA Module and Application Hardware
Solar Guardian PV Connector Albuquerque, NM Devices
Solar SEED - Scalable Energy Empowerment Device New York, NY Devices
Solar Waves: Conserving Water and Solar Energy Pleasant Hill, CA Module and Application Hardware
Solid-State Protective Relay & Monitoring System Austin, TX Devices
SUNSPOT Solar Electric Cooking System Germantown, MD Module and Application Hardware
Three-port Silicon Carbide-based High Frequency Power Conversion System Milwaukee, WI Devices
Translucent Solar Panel for Greenhouse Farming Vancouver, WA Module and Application Hardware
Utility-Owned Battery and Inverter Wenatchee, WA Devices

Solutions that help shape the future of solar

Are you a thinker, entrepreneur, facility or potential partner? Anyone with an innovative idea can help transform the solar industry through the American-Made Solar Prize.

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