InDEEP Prize Results

The first phase of the Innovating Distributed Embedded Energy Prize has drawn to a close. In Phase I, nineteen teams were awarded $15,000 each for their winning initial concepts and simplified version of a Technology Performance Level assessment to represent the technoeconomic performance level of the concept. These teams were selected for conceptualizing novel materials for marine energy applications that will lay the foundation for generating electricity at the grid scale. Read the official Phase I winner announcement from the U.S. Department of Energy.

The following Phase I winners will compete for additional awards in Phase II, alongside new competitors:

TeamLocationProject TitleDescription
Active Materials and Smart LivingLas Vegas, NVSmartEaRTH: Energy Harvesting InnovationsSmartEaRTH leverages the intrinsic transduction nature of IPMCs by turning wave interaction into energy by a direct electrochemical process
Blackfish EngineeringBraintree, MAFlexWave PowerSyncFlexWave PowerSync: DG WEC utilizing DEG tech for efficient conversion of ocean wave energy
Blue Lotus EnergyAdair, OKThe PetalA device as portable as a coffee table, powerful enough to leverage ocean waves and create scalable and sustainable energy
ChemventiveChadds Ford, PAMultipulse Magnetic Piezoelectric GeneratorMultipulse Magnetic Piezoelectric Generator
Condensed Wave MatterMadison, WIDielectric liquid-filled variable capacitorUses wave motion to pump a dielectric fluid in and out of the space between capacitor electrodes to generate electricity
Elysium RoboticsAustin, TXHigh Capacitance Rope from Electroactive PolymersDielectric Elastomer Microfibers (very stretchy coaxial capacitive rope) to harness energy from the heaving motion of a buoy
FluxMagicPortland, ORDistributed Embedded FluxSpring GeneratorThe FluxSpring generator utilizes a series of connected negative stiffness magnetic spring damper metamaterial structure with liquid wires
Michigan Technological University and Arizona State UniversityHoughton, MIKiri DEECA novel DEEC technology concept inspired by the Japanese paper-cutting art of Kirigami
PECWECStorrs Mansfield, CTPiezoelectrochemical Wave Energy Converter (PECWEC)Converting mechanical energy of ocean waves into electrochemical energy using piezo “electrochemical" phenomenon
PiezOrigami TeamBlacksburg, VAWave-Powered Fence to Protect our Lakes and OceanA wave-powered electric barrier to protect America’s Great Lakes and Oceans from harmful invasive species
Pittsburgh Coastal EnergyPittsburgh, PAPolar Ionic Nanogenerators (PINGs)PINGs directly convert the mechanical energy of high-frequency, low-amplitude ocean waves into electricity through the power of moving ions
PSU_EnergyHarvestingState College, PAIonic Polymers for Ocean Wave Energy HarvestingDemonstrating ionic polymer-based harvesters for converting low-frequency ocean wave energy into electricity
RQR Wave TeamLongmont, COMicrorobots for Dielectric Elastomer MetamaterialMassively parallel, high precision micro robots for extensive testing and assembly of a dielectric elastomer metamaterial
Soft EnergyIthaca, NYSoft EnergyA compact and adaptable wave harvesting system that employs parallel soft origami structures
Streaming EnergyLa Jolla, CASolid State Ocean PowerNo moving parts and unlimited scalability: using flowing saltwater to power a DEEC energy transducer through electrolytic ion exchange
Team FUSIONNewport, MIWaveMatrix EnergizerTapping ocean waves with induction passages & piezoelectric fins
Water Bros DevelopmentCharlotte, NCSWADDLE HarvesterThe Scalable Wave Actuated Deformable Double Layer Electrode (SWADDLE) harvester is a variable area capacitor that operates in salt water
Wave GridGalveston, TXWave GridA Distributed Gracefully degrading Pneumatic Wave Energy matrix for economic power absorption simultaneously surviving in extreme weather
WaveHarvestDallas, TXTri-mode Ocean Energy SynergyAn innovative embedded energy harvesting device, combining piezoelectric, electromagnetic, and dielectric elastomer transducers into one