Hydrogen Shot Prize Results

BoMax Hydrogen
Sanford, FL

This team designed a system that integrates light-activated nanoparticles with an enzyme to produce clean hydrogen from sunlight.

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Gold Hydrogen Team
Houston, TX

This team designed a process using dark fermentation to biologically produce hydrogen in spent oil wells.

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Electro-Active Hydrogen
Knoxville, TN

This team designed a system that integrates solar energy with algal hydrothermal liquefaction and microbial electrolysis to generate clean hydrogen, leveraging the chemical energy from organic matter.

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Evolve Hydrogen Inc.
East Northport, NY

This team designed a novel electrolyzer system design that can use seawater as a feedstock without the need for precious metal materials.

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Palo Alto, CA

This team designed a system that integrates high-temperature solid oxide electrolyzers with thermal energy storage to enable continuous hydrogen production even when using intermittent renewable resources.

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Biomass Super Gasifier
Indianapolis, IN

This team designed an indirectly-heated pyrolytic gasification process to convert carbon-based feedstocks into syngas from which hydrogen can be extracted—with the remaining syngas used in a solid oxide fuel cell to generate power to run the system.

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NX Fuels Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI

This team designed a technology that harnesses sunlight to produce hydrogen from seawater using a photoelectrochemical process.

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Richmond, CA

This team designed a technology that could reduce the capital and operating expenses of an electrolysis system by producing clean water using waste heat from the electrolyzer.

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The Hope Group
Lubbock, TX

This team designed in-situ microwave-assisted catalytic heating to crack methane¬ and generate hydrogen directly from depleted natural gas reservoirs.

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