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High Voltage Direct Current Prize

The $200k HVDC Prize invites electrical and industrial engineers, computer scientists, and power electronics researchers to develop new power and energy system solutions to improve renewable distributed generation, transmission to population centers, and integration with the U.S. energy grid.

Prize Background

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Office of Electricity launched the HVDC Prize to incentivize new technology solutions to improve the performance and resilience of the U.S. energy grid. Competitors in the HVDC Prize will propose ideas and processes that leverage HVDC systems to increase the power grid's capacity to receive, transmit, and deliver a large amount of energy.

HVDC technologies provide an alternative electrical transmission system to the conventional alternating current systems. HVDC technologies are more cost-effective compared to HVAC for longer transmission distances and can improve grid resilience, security, and operation flexibility while integrating renewable energy transmission into the existing grid to reach the nation's goal of carbon neutrality.

For more information, please review the HVDC Prize Official Rules.

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Prize Structure

The HVDC Prize offers a total prize pool of $200k in cash, with up to four winners to receive $50k each.

Who is Eligible to Compete?

The HVDC Prize is open to private entities (for-profits and non-profits), non-federal government entities such as states, counties, tribes, municipalities, and academic institutions in the U.S.

The HVDC Prize targets expanding organizations that see themselves as problem solvers in the field of power electronics, electric power, and energy systems. The HVDC Prize aims to incentivize new ideas from new technology innovators, including small businesses and universities.

For more information, including complete eligibility requirements, please review the HVDC Prize Official Rules.

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