Community Clean Energy Coalition Prize Results

Congratulations, Prize Winners!

The final phase of the Community Clean Energy Coalition Prize is now complete, and 10 coalitions have been recognized for their work addressing a pressing energy challenge in their community. At the conclusion of the prize, the winning teams were awarded $25,000, bringing their total earnings to $205,000. Three teams were named top performers and earned additional awards.

The prize incentivized creation of these community coalitions, supporting development of team strategies such as student education, workforce training, capacity building, and implementation of new technologies that address a local clean energy opportunity or inequity.

We look forward to seeing the continued success of these teams as they build on their wins and continue to impact their communities! Read the official announcement from the U.S. Department of Energy.

TeamCommunities ServedInitiativeTOTAL PRIZE WINNINGSTeam Progress Update Video
Asociación de Residentes de La Margarita
Top Performer
Salinas, Puerto RicoTo provide resilient, cost-effective renewable energy to elderly and low-income residents in need.$255,000Watch
Missoula’s Clean Energy Workforce Coalition
Top Performer
Missoula, MTDiversify the clean energy workforce—by women, for women—and increase access to family-supporting careers. Includes women of color, and low-income and Indigenous women.$230,000Watch
Team Philly
Top Performer
Philadelphia, PARelieve energy burden, create green jobs, and ensure an equitable energy transition.$215,000Watch
Positive Energy CoalitionTulsa, OKDecrease energy burden and provide job training in sustainable energy for Tulsa residents.$205,000Watch
Change is in the Air: Gresham CoalitionMultnomah County, ORReduce pollution burdens in under-resourced communities through data-driven solutions while developing a clean energy workforce.$205,000Watch
HBCU Community Development Action CoalitionDenmark, SC;
Orangeburg, SC;
New Orleans, LA
Deploy workforce development and community solar initiatives in underserved communities and minority-serving institutions and colleges.$205,000Watch
ReBuildATL CoalitionAtlanta, GAProvide workforce training, building retrofits, and community-based solar to Westside Atlanta residents.$205,000Watch
ROC Community Clean Energy CoalitionAtlanta, GAIncrease awareness of and utilize solar energy to develop sustainable agriculture and promote workforce development.$205,000Watch
Dream Entrepreneurs Network6 communities across the U.S.Reduce energy burden, increase access to clean energy, and create jobs across ten US communities.$205,000Watch
New Orleans Clean Energy CollectiveNew Orleans, LARelieve energy burden, create green jobs, and ensure an equitable energy transition.$205,000Watch

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