CONCEPT: Propose a Wave Powered System

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90 DAYS: June 13, 2019 to September 11, 2019

Competitors described how their proposed solution meets the goals of the program. Submissions detailed the functionality of their wave energy generation technologies, desalination technologies, and their proposed integration methods. This included describing the risks and difficulties of their system, and proposed solutions to their issues. Competitors were evaluated based on the level of innovation of their proposed idea, the feasibility of their system, the ability to scale-up and other benefits, and their team. On November 14, 2019, DOE announced the 20 winners, highlighted below, that received a $10,000 prize.

Congratulations to our CONCEPT Stage Winners!

20 winners were selected based on their strong submissions in the first stage of the prize. These teams were awarded a $10k cash prize and may continue building on their innovation in the DESIGN Stage.

entry title (listed alphabetically) team video
Ballast, Buoys, and Borrowing from Archimedes Project 816
B&V SurfBuoy B&V SurfBuoy Team
DUO-Powered Waves to Water Sea Potential
LifeSaver LifeSaver
MetaMorph H2O - Desalination WEC Mirko Previsic's Team (Re Vision Consulting)
MZSP Freshwater Production System MarkZero Prototypes LLC
Nalu e Wai - A Hawaii, India, Sweden Collaboration Team Nalu e Wai
Novel Compact Wave-Powered Watermakers Oneka
Ocean Wave Absorbing Wall (OWAW) OWAW Team
PASAD - Clean Water for All! Amr Yousef's Team
Push Button Deployable - Water powered filtration Maiden Wave Energy
RME-Pytheas Point Absorber with Piezo PTO RME USA's Team
SD CAL Desal's Backpack WEC Michael Kelly's Team
SurfWEC - Wave Energy Powered Desalination System Michael Raftery's Team
Surge Seeker Nick Wynn's Team
WATER BROS Desalination Water Bros Team
Water Duck Nick Wynn's Team
Wave Drinker Wave Drinker
WorthyWaves Ali Trueworthy's Team

More CONCEPT Stage Innovation

While these solutions weren't chosen during the CONCEPT Stage, we applaud the vision that so many teams put forth during this stage of the prize. The DESIGN Stage is not limited to winners in the CONCEPT Stage so we hope to see them continue to compete. Learn more about these teams and their ideas below.

entry title (listed alphabetically) team video
A Complete Path to Sustainability Brian Meano's Team
A low-cost multi-point wave energy convertor Rohan Patel's Team
Applied Impact - Ideas to Impact Applied Impact
Buoy Desalinization Bryant Beeler's Team
The CrestRunner Desalination System Harold Snyder's Team
DiRel WEC (Enorasy LLC) Vassos Vamvas's Team
DrinkingWaves Alain Trottier's Team
Dual Buoy RO Unit John Newport's Team
Energy Absorbing Breakwater Energy Absorbing Breakwater
Flex-MMC Toby Dewhurst's Team
Freezing Desalination Process Buoy Matthew Sheets's Team
Golden GooSE 2 -Great Unlimited Sustainable Energy GooSE Guy’s Team
HoPe Desalination System HeonYong Kang's Team
The Infinite Well ComPetroTech
Innovative Wave Energy Harvesting Leviathan Waves
KCCD Enhanced Solar Still Kameron Beal's Team
KCCD Powered Reverse Osmosis Device Kameron Beal's Team
Lil Eddy: Magnetic braking for distilling seawater Brady Bock's Team
Membrane Distillation powered by a Wells Turbine Jeremey Wells's Team
MMC-Pivot Toby Dewhurst's Team
Net Positive Hybrid Desal Units Jake Johnson's Team
Nonelectric Water Desalination Ilya Bulanov's Team
Pendulum-Pump Reverse Osmosis Desalination System Joshua Villafane's Team
The PROSPO Device Jeremy Martinez's Team
Resolved Analytics - Waves to Water Prize Resolved Analytics
Shoreline Axis Turbine Generator w/Reverse Osmosis Monty Korpe's Team
Slope Rider Ocean Wave Device Mitchell Fait's Team
Surge wave Desalination Equipment Atlantic New Energy Technology Co. Limited
Team-Simplicity Team-Simplicity
Water desalination and multibattery power Charlotte Reed's Team
Water purifier using cavitation and wave energy Guru Rathod's Team
Water purifier using reverse osmosis Guru Rathod's Team
Water Strider Mike Goodsell's Team
Wave Catcher John Newport's Team
Wave-Powered Desalination System Using Turbine CaliforniaWaves
WaveSurfer Ocean Energy
WAveTER™ - Wave Powered Desalination Paul Koola's Team (Knowplica, Inc)
WAVOTUS (wave + lotus): wave to water production UMD CEEE Yunho Hwang's Team

Solutions that help shape the future

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