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The PITCH CONTEST is not yet open, but we are currently accepting applications for the CONCEPT Stage through April 24, 2020.


Participants present their refined innovations to a live audience

1 DAY: September 2020 (anticipated)
Three Winners with Prize Pool Up to $700,000 in Cash and In-Kind Prizes

Competitors will present in front of a live audience, with a 10-minute pitch and 10-minute question and answer period. Competitors will be scored based both on their pitch and their required Technical Submission and will be evaluated based on technical innovation, technical feasibility, market feasibility, and the proposed research and development plan. The total calculated score—which includes the INCUBATE Stage Technical Narrative, and the PITCH CONTEST evaluation—can be found in Section 5. The PITCH CONTEST will be scored by a panel of reviewers selected by WPTO and Reclamation. The Prize Administrator, in consultation with WPTO and Reclamation, will select the contest winners. The winners of this stage will receive cash and in-kind voucher support for use through September 30, 2021.

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