Propose a concept for successful, cost-effective fish exclusion at water diversions and intakes

January 27, 2020 to May 13, 2020

Competitors in the CONCEPT Stage submitted their new concepts for successful and cost-effective fish exclusion at water diversions and intakes or improvements to existing fish exclusion technologies. Submissions included a technical narrative, a 90-second video summary, and a one-page summary slide of their concept. The Prize Administrator screened completed submissions and assigned subject matter expert reviewers to independently score the content of each submission.

Competitors were evaluated based on the technical innovation, technical feasibility, market feasibility, and the proposed research and development plan. On June 30, 2020, DOE announced the 9 winners that were selected by the Prize Administrator, in consultation with WPTO and Reclamation, to move on to the INCUBATION Stage.

Congratulations to our CONCEPT Stage Winners!

Nine winners were selected based on their innovative ideas and strong submission packages in the first stage of the prize. Each winner received 50 hours of in-kind support from PNNL and the opportunity to advance to the INCUBATION Stage.

More CONCEPT Stage Ideas

We would also like to applaud those who participated in the CONCEPT Stage that were not chosen to advance to the INCUBATE Stage. Learn more about these teams and their solutions to protect fish below.

entry title (listed alphabetically) team video
AI-DAD Vijay P's Team
Electromagnetic Longitudinal Wave Barrier Jophiel Group
Energy Without Environmental Damage Joy Montgomery's Team
Fish Protection Bubble Safety Brooks Matthew Benefiel
Fish Protection Challenge Pinku Kumar
Funny Fish Nina Te'o
Invisible Field Guidance System Janine Bryan's Team
Safer Salmonids via Cavitation and Airfoils Edem Tsikata
Self-Powered Tracker for Fish Protection Fish Tracker
UpScreen Water at Mid-Depth Naturale Desalination
Whirlpool Generating Masonry Funnel Abdullah Baig

Solutions that help shape the future

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