Perovskite Startup Prize Results

The Perovskite Startup Prize launched in March 2021 with its first Countdown Contest. After seven successful Countdown Contests, six finalists have been awarded $200,000 and have advanced to the final Liftoff Contest.

The following finalists have the chance to compete for one of several $500,000 cash prizes in the Liftoff Contest:

Team (sorted alphabetically)TechnologyFinalist Announcement Date
American Perovskites
(San Jose, California)
This team’s innovation is industrial synthesis of a novel family of polymer hole transport materials with unbeatable reliability, optical properties, and cost.April 2023
Perotech Energy
(Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
Triwind - Offshore Wind Floater Built in the USAApril 2023
Team MujiElectric
(Renton, Washington)
This team’s innovation is developing perovskite bifacial modules using high throughput and low-cost solution processes with high stability and energy yield.November 2022
Verde Technologies, Inc.
(Burlington, Vermont)
This team is working to demonstrate a high-performing single-junction perovskite device, with the goal of developing a flexible all-perovskite tandem module for the residential solar market.August 2022
SoFab Inks
(Louisville, Kentucky)
This team is developing high-performance inks to be used in perovskite devices.August 2022
Beyond Silicon
(Tempe, Arizona)
This team is developing a perovskite-on-silicon tandem cell that has the potential to surpass the efficiency limit of standard silicon solar cells.October 2021